1. How to deposit coin/token to your tidex balance.

    a) Your registration should be completed (see FAQ, point 1.)

    b) You should be logged in tidex

    c) You should have somewhere any cryptocurrency from list of supported cryptocurrencies on tidex. For example: BTC (bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum) and so on.

2. Depositing

    a) Enter your deposits and withdrawals tab

    b) Find a coin/token in search string

    c) Click on DEPOSIT button.

See pic.

From this action you will learn deposit address.

See pic.

Please, pay attention to "Min deposit amount" (it is 0.0001 for BTC) and to disclaimer.

3. Copy this address and paste it to the place from where you are going to withdraw your coins/tokens.

Extremely advise you to make first deposit with min deposit amount. Also pay attention to the withdrawal fee on other side from where you are going to withdraw. Your deposit shouldn't be less than min deposit amount. In case it is less then min deposit amount, funds won't be credited. 

4. Check your deposits in DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS HISTORY


1. D & W HISTORY link https://tidex.com/account/deposits-history

2. Deposit Address which you have got from previous steps

3. TXID - Transaction Identifier. Uniq ID which helps to identify transaction in blockchain (block explorer)

4. Confirmation count. In this case, when count will reach 15, coin will be credited to your balance.

Once confirmation count will be 15/15 your coins will be credited.

All coins/tokens specification (min deposit amount, supported asset names, confirmation count etc...) available here.