1. How to enable 2FA.

Use "SIGN IN" button to login.

2. Fill email and password, and click on "SIGN IN" button.

3. Paste the authentication code from mail, or follow the link from mail.

Mail looks like below:


An attempt to login to your tidex.com account myNickName.

From ip: XX.XX.XX.XX

If it was you, click the following link to approve the request:

Here will be a link. You should click on it to log in.

or just copy the code to fill the form on tidex.com:

Here will be a code. You should paste it in "Authentication code" to log in.

P.S. If you haven't tried to log in to your account, then you should immediately change your password and activate two-factor authentication on your account

Sincerely yours,

Tidex Team


4. When you are in, please follow:

5. Read 2FA instruction carefully

6. If you have done everything properly you will be able to see: